A Mother's Circle

If you're very lucky, you will know the intricacies of pregnancy and motherhood in your lifetime. The power and wisdom and strength that mother's grow into as they stretch to fit new dimensions, is stunning. We honored a group of mothers recently, simply because all mothers should be honored at least once in their lives, in such a way that they feel absolutely overcome with appreciation and awe for the journey they are on. 

The setting at Chi Gallery was the perfect backdrop for this eclectic group of women. A mix of old and modern, we felt right at home that day. The mothers were adorned with stunning floral crowns to honor their beauty and femininity upon arriving to the space. Made locally by Everything Beautiful, the women looked every bit the goddess part.

We started the circle with some opening conversation to break the ice. We easily fell into a familiarity that was so fitting for this occasion. Each mother enjoyed a foot soak with mineral salts, lavender and sandalwood. 

The ladies participated in a very cleansing fear releasing ceremony. We shared, held space, honored and offered ourselves during this time. The fears were burned and later released to the winds.

To close the circle, we did a binding ceremony, which represents our connectivity and that we are never alone.

After that, each mother got a small henna design by me and a sitting with Sarah Hester of Sarah Hester Photography

Hand panted birth affirmations by Helena Davey of  The Wildest Dandelion.  Each mother was able to choose one to take home. 

Hand panted birth affirmations by Helena Davey of The Wildest Dandelion. Each mother was able to choose one to take home. 

I hope each mother present on this day felt honored and loved and cherished, and carries that with her along her journey through motherhood. 

*Special thanks to Sarah Hester for the use of the stunning images she took that day, as well as securing the beautiful location for the ceremony. 

If you're interested in a Mother Blessing for yourself, or a loved one, please contact me for details. For more information, go here.