Holistic Pregnancy

Holistic- relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.

When planning a holistic birth, it's important to keep in mind all the ways in which intentions connect to action. The people you bring into your space, the food you eat, the sleep you miss, the thoughts you think, all work together to create an environment that your carry with you through pregnancy, and ofter birth and postpartum. 

Connection to the earth and people who are near you-

Who do you see daily? How are you connected? How are these interactions nourishing your soul and your birth space? Are you attracting positive or negative? How can you manifest the connections you need to feel safe and grounded?

Consciously making space for baby both in your home and in your heart-

Have you welcomed baby into your family?  Have you made space for them, whether literally or figuratively? Perhaps a special alter in your home could be dedicated to your sweet one, or a special blanket or piece of art which says "you are wanted, you are welcome". 

Releasing both fear and control- 

These are big and important. Releasing fear is empowering. It allows you to free your mind and open yourself to an experience you will never again have. You might birth again, but you will not have *this* birth again. Open to it. Invite it in. Sit with it and collaborate. Releasing fear releases control. You cannot control your birth or the outcome. You can plan and educate and manifest, but you cannot control; and you really don't want to. Controlling your birth may very well restrict the universe from the intentions already laid for you and your baby. This experience has the potential to be so much more than you could ever dream, if you open yourself to the possibilities. 

Self-care: before, during and after birth- 

This looks different or every person, but some simple yet important ways to care for your self are get adequate rest, nourish your body, nourish your soul, and drink great water. Maybe you nourish your soul with yoga + meditation every morning before the sun comes up. Perhaps it's a hike at sunset followed by a slow evening meal. For others, family time and routine are self-care. This can be anything, as long as it feeds you well.

laughing, smiling, resting, meditating, balancing

What are your intentions for a holistic birth? Add them below!