OKC Doula

Being a holistic doula is a wonderful, fulfilling calling. It's a job that demands a lot of me but rewards heavily. I am fortunate enough to serve Central Oklahoma, including OKC, Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Guthrie, Midwest City and the surrounding areas. As a holistic doula I attend all births; including hospital, natural, planned cesarian, VBAC, medicated and home birth. 


Often, I feel it's assumed that doulas only attend natural births. This is not true. How can I help you in a planned cesarian? The same way I would in a natural birth, by providing unlimited emotional, physical and educational support. Each birth is different but support can look the same over a variety of situations. Being able to think on my feet is an asset that has served me well as a doula. As a highly intuitive person, I have found myself able to properly support parents well even if I have no experience with their situation. 

As a certified holistic life coach, I bring aspects to my doula work that others might not. I've been trained to help others reach their goals. Proper communication with my clients is very important to me. Meeting that client where they are helps them know I am there to support them. 

In addition to being a life coach, I am a certified raw food coach. Health and nutrition are the building blocks of our lives. I do my best to offer simple, manageable suggestions to others on improving their diet. Eating healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding is absolutely vital. I'm always happy to offer ideas and recipes to enhance a diet. 

My apothecary space. 

My apothecary space. 

As a certified home apothecary and certified space cleanser, I will help the energy in your home and body. I believe the earth has many powerful medicines for our healing and enjoy helping others find the right plant ally for their issue. When energy gets stagnant or feels negative, I offer space cleansing to others to clear and reset. It's a noninvasive way of equalizing the air. 

Midwifery is my next step in birth work. I have plans to attend Mercy In Actions distance learning program. I am excited to serve Central Oklahoma as a home birth midwife and continue to offer holistic modalities to compliment my birth work.  

I would love to hear from you. What is something you've always wanted to ask a doula but were afraid to? Have I offered you a different perspective on doulas? Did you use a doula for your birth? Tell me about it. 


Divine Feminine: a retreat

Recently, I was honored to be invited to a special retreat held for local birth workers. The Divine Femine retreat was soul-opening and (little did I know) very much needed. My good friend, Brittany Fitzgerald, felt called to lead this retreat in her own journey as a birth worker. She pulled it off beautifully and I believe found her lifes calling in the process. This 2 day event touched parts of my soul I thought were ok, parts I thought were healed and parts I didn't realize I needed touched. I am forever greateful to Brittany for her dedication to our community and am so excited to see where this journey of hers leads.

Day 1:

We participated in a lot of soul searching. We meditated often. Brittany chose a special, handmade mala for each of us to use. It was such a touching offering and I will treasure the one she chose for me.  

a handmade mala. gifted from Brittany. 

a handmade mala. gifted from Brittany. 

I haven't meditated in a long time and what it reminded me is that I crave meditation. At the end of the day, after my feelings bubbled to the surface multiple times within the group, I felt calm and centered. My evening with my family went smoothly. I could feel the energy at work. I am thankful for the reminder to meditate and how it is so beneficial to my well-being. 

We did a wonderful exercise in listening and sharing. When I shared, I stumbled over my words and couldn't elaborate what my heart was feeling in words. While holding the light for my sisters, I felt at peace. While being the active listener, I heard the affirmations I needed to hear for this time of my life. Hearing that what you do matters is so validating. Hearing that you should follow your dreams, no matter where other peoples journeys take them, is epic. 

Day 2: 

I could feel the energy buzzing when I stepped into the room on day two. I was eager to participate and keep chipping away at things that my soul was hiding. Brittany read us a Feminie meditation that was beautifully written by her own two hands. It was absolutely perfect.  We kept the moodlight and uplofting with a dance session right before we moved to another location to begin our intuitive painting process.

Whenwe arrived at the place that was to be our studio for the afternoon, we were fed nourishing foods and got to laugh with each other while we ate. After lunch, we discussed the ins and outs of intuitive painting. Intuitive painting is when you sit in contemplation before your canvas, releasing all expectations, then just let the paint flow. Below is my painting. It's very feminine, which is a oart of myself I tend to diminish. It sits on my dresser so I can see it each morning and night.



If you ever are presented with a chance to attend a retreat such as this, I highly encourage you to go. Sitting with like-minded women is nourishing to your soul. It's something I intend to do more often.