Deanna Norris

*Primary Midwife*

That intimate moment where mother meets baby for the first time. Photo courtesy of  Cressida Photography.

That intimate moment where mother meets baby for the first time. Photo courtesy of Cressida Photography.


When you ask me about becoming a midwife...

I can tell you this is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding journeys I've ever adventured on. To me, being a midwife is intrinsically rooted in serving women and families who want to have autonomy over their birth experiences while remaining low-risk under the watchful eye of a community midwife. My goal as a midwife is to serve my community with evidence-based, heart-centered care while meeting the family's goals in child birthing. This idea comes to fruition when a trusting, open partnership is formed between family and midwife. I believe in your body's innate ability to grow and birth a baby. I am honored to support you, and care for you, in that journey.

I'm proud to offer holistic care for low-risk clients seeking home birth or birth center birth, who remain low-risk throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Referrals are available as needed. My care is inclusive, welcoming families of all race, faiths, belief systems, background, family dynamics, sexual orientations, and gender identifications. I happily offer support for water birth, women over 35, non-traditional family structures, late to care transfers, among other situations. 

I am currently accepting clients as Primary Midwife. I completed all clinical requirements for school 12/2018. I have a handful of courses I am completing currently for MCU. Expected completion date is Summer 2019. Until I have passed my certification exam, I will accept personal clients while I continue to work with me preceptors in a supportive role. They will be there to assist in your care, and continue to offer an umbrella of experience until I am a Certified Professional Midwife.

Image courtesy of  Cressida Photography.

Image courtesy of Cressida Photography.

What does midwifery care look like?

Free Consultations!

Fees: $3200* $1600 to each midwife individually*

Optional- Complete care offered at home for additional $300 within an hour away, $500 over an hour away. This includes all prenatal visits, labs, and postpartum visits.

A $300.00 non-refundable retainer fee is required at booking, with the balance due in full by 36 weeks. Clients seeking a late transfer into care are expected to pay the full midwife fee. Failure to pay in full before 36 weeks will result in termination of care. Reasonable payment plans are provided. Your payment plan will be decided at your first visit.

This investment includes:

-Complete prenatal care and 12 weeks postpartum care

-Prenatal visits monthly until 28 weeks, bi-weekly until 36 weeks, weekly until birth (one hour each)

-Postpartum visits at 24/36 hours, 3-5 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks (Additional visits as needed)

-Nutritional and herbal counseling for holistic support and prenatal well-being

-Second CPM and fully-trained/certified birth assistant, no additional fees for support team.

-Use of birth pool

-Access to lending library

-All lab work done in office, or in the convenience of your home if applicable

-Ultrasound referral network

-Referral to additional care providers, second opinions, and support professionals as needed

-Metabolic newborn screen, CCHD, birth certificate and social security card filing done at your 24-36 hour postpartum visit

-In home Lactation support

-In home postpartum mood disorder screening

-Pap smear and contraception education available at 6-12 weeks postpartum

In the unlikely event of a home birth transfer, at least one member of the birth team, usually myself, accompany you to the hospital, share all needed medical info and lab work with the hospital staff, and support you during the remainder of your birth experience.

*labs, ultrasound, and birth kit not currently included in midwife fee. Insurance should cover labs and ultrasounds, if applicable.

Additional fees can include childbirth classes, medications, other provider fees, birth center fee, supplements, chiropractor, consultation fees, etc.

Prenatal care:

• 24-hour access to midwife throughout the course of care

• Initial exam includes any needed lab work, referrals, and review of your personal health information.

• Sixty minutes are allotted for every prenatal appointment to ensure all of your questions are answered.

• Prenatal appointments are monthly until 28 weeks, bimonthly until 36 weeks, and weekly until birth. All visits are held at the

Edmond Birthing Center or in your home. (schedule may be adjusted based on client needs, at no additional charge)

• Evidence based research provided regarding available prenatal screenings for informed consent or refusal.

• Individualized education for your specific pregnancy and postpartum needs.

• Additional lab work could include Gestational Diabetes screen, Group Beta Strep test, CBC (iron checks), Urinalysis as needed, and any pertinent lab work based off presenting symptoms.

• Whole food based nutritional education, herbal support, recommended supplementation, and food aversion assistance.

• Referral to other providers, as needed.

• Expert monitoring of your health and baby’s well-being by evaluating maternal vital signs, urine dip, weight gain, fundal height, and prenatal nutrition, as well as discussing the emotional and physical side of pregnancy, monitoring fetal growth, activity, and position, ordering standard prenatal lab work, additional lab work as needed, & ultrasounds (could include dating ultrasound, mid-pregnancy ultrasound, additional ultrasounds based on fetal growth and development).

Photo courtesy of  Cressida Photography.

Photo courtesy of Cressida Photography.

Labor and Immediately Postpartum:

-Currently, the team includes myself, one of my preceptors (Certified Professional Midwife), and a fully trained midwife’s assistant (no students) to provide you and your baby with the safest care possible. This ensures one provider is available for you and one for your newborn baby, while the third team member expertly charts all stages of labor and birth, as well as provides support to the hands-on providers.

-Team is available at onset of labor, bringing all the equipment needed to care for you and your newborn.

-Team will monitor fetal well-being, maternal health, and labor progress in the comfort of your home.

-Support for water birth or land birth.

-Labor support techniques, including natural pain relief, pain management, rebozo, TENS unit, and optimal fetal positioning to ensure a calm birthing environment.

-Use of holistic comfort measures, as desired, including hydrotherapy, homeopathy, acupressure, and essential oils.

-Immediate skin to skin bonding with your newborn, delayed cord clamping, physiologic birth of the placenta, and expert breastfeeding support for a peaceful and successful postpartum.

-Complete, respectful newborn exam for baby done right next to you. Newborn exam records are available for your pediatrician, as requested.

-Quick and efficient suturing for most vaginal lacerations.

-Herbal bath for mom, if desired

-Clean-up from labor and birth, including water birth pool and supplies.

-In the rare case of a hospital transfer, at least one member of the birth team will accompany you and continue to provide holistic birth support throughout your birth.

Photo courtesy of  Cressida Photography.

Photo courtesy of Cressida Photography.

Postpartum Care:

• Home visit at 24-36 hours postpartum to check on the well-being of you and your infant, provide breastfeeding assistance, as well completion of the metabolic screen, CCHD screen, breastfeeding assistance, infant weight assessment, and addressing any questions

or concerns you have at that point.

• Subsequent visits for you and baby are done at 5-7 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. More visits available as needed for continued support after 12 weeks postpartum.

• Breastfeeding support from myself, my team, or referrals to other providers as needed.

• Monitoring of baby’s growth and maternal recovery.

• Birth certificate and social security paperwork filed within the first week postpartum.

• Provide information and resources for newborn testing, such as metabolic screen (PKU), PulseOx (CCHD) screen, & hearing screening.

• Share all pertinent birth and immediate postpartum information regarding your baby with your pediatrician.

• Review of your birth experience, answering questions and filling in time-lines of events. Review includes any needed referrals for postpartum mood disorders, or traumatic events related to your birthing experience.

• Well-woman exam, including pap available at your 6-12 week visit, as desired.

• Education on holistic family planning methods, as desired.

• Infant weight checks and lactation support available outside of scheduled postpartum appointments. (may be an additional fee)

• Referrals for other providers, such as pediatricians, lactation support, mental health support, pelvic floor therapy.

I look forward to working with you! Book here!