Deanna offers counter-pressure to a mother in labor. 

Deanna offers counter-pressure to a mother in labor. 

Doula Services

I offer free consultations to anyone considering my services. This allows us to meet face to face and determine if we are a good fit for each other. I meet potential clients at the Edmond Birthing Center located in Edmond, unless other arrangements are made. **In an effort to remain transparent, it should be noted that I am currently accepting clients as a Primary Midwife under supervision as part of my requirements to complete the Bachelor's of Science in Midwifery program through Midwives College of Utah. I make every effort to attend every birth I am invited to, however if a primary midwifery client goes into labor while I am attending your birth as a doula, I would have to ask my back-up doula to come serve your family (at no additional cost to you) while I go to the midwifery client.** 

Doula services include everything you need to be informed and feel supported. This includes but is not limited to 3 prenatal meetings (1.5-2 hours each) where we go over birth preferences, answer any important questions you have, role play, talk about research, provide comfort; unlimited support via phone, text, and e-mail; birth plan assistance and guidance (birth plan templates available!); evidence based information; discussion of labor management ; relaxation and coping techniques, including position changes; physical and emotional support; rebozo; TENS machine; massage; essential oils; breathing exercises; and mental preparation; continuous support throughout labor and birth, including phone support /in-person support while laboring at home; advocacy before, during, and after birth; surgical birth support; support for a minimum of 2 hours immediately postpartum; postpartum support plan; breastfeeding assistance and support for 6 weeks postpartum;  2 postpartum visits (1 hour each); newborn parenting questions; review your birth experience. 

Additional features:

*doula clients receive $50 discount on placenta encapsulation services

*free use of birth pool for home birthing families (client is responsible for liner, hose, attachments)

*herbal and nutritional support as needed, including dietary restrictions (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free), specializing in vegetarian/vegan meals

*private online client portal with in-depth learning tools, links to supportive resources, and evidence based information

*use of my larger and ever-growing lending library, located at The Edmond Birthing Center

*24/7 on-call from the signing of contract through birth

*optional 36 week visit with your care provider to discuss birth preferences

*attempt to take photos, if birth allows 

*local resources for any additional support needed

*back-up doula provided by me in the event I'm at another birth

*referrals upon request

Investment- $1,100

(30% retainer fee is required to book services; monthly payments until balance is paid in full at 37 weeks)

-Discounts available to anyone birthing at home or in a birthing center. Please email me for details.