"My husband and I are so grateful for Deanna's support and knowledge throughout the entire pregnancy. We appreciated that she offered us trusted information and allowed us to make the best decisions for us. Her calm and confident nature put us at ease during labor. I don't know if I could have gone through natural labor and delivery without her!! I am most thankful for her breastfeeding support. I almost gave up early on, but Deanna came to our house and after speaking to her I decided that even though it wasn't easy, I could totally breastfeed. Having a support person like Deanna is so important during such a life changing event. I don't know why more people don't take advantage of doulas!" AA

"Deanna was the best support during my pregnancy and especially during the big changes that happened surrounding birth. She was so attentive to things I didn't even know I needed after birth and was right next to me the whole time! Recovery right after delivery would have been so difficult without her. She has also been so supportive with my tons of questions and helping troubleshoot things I completely forgot about. Birth and the surrounding times are made so much nicer and easier when you have a great doula supporting you, like Deanna!" MH

"I knew I would need extra support and love during my Natural VBAC. Deanna provided that and more. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was supportive of my wishes. She let me know my options during labor and suggested different pushing positions. I'm thankful for your support and helping me have a successful unmediated VBAC. You're the best! I must add that she was an amazing support postpartum as well. All around amazing experience!" BB

"Deanna was our doula for our pregnancy and she was absolutely wonderful. We attempted a vbac and there is no doubt that her support, knowledge, and experience are a huge factor in me making it as far as I did. Deanna was also a tremendous help with me breastfeeding. I wasn't able to for longer than 3 months with our first child and I have been able to breastfeed our second almost 6 months and counting. I highly recommend Deanna if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant." AB

"Long overdue testimonial here, but my love for Deanna has only grown over time! :) I was looking for a doula that I could connect with personally- I truly believe it helps to like those you ask into your birthing space. Upon meeting Deanna at our initial consultation, I knew that I had met the doula for my second birth within minutes. Deanna is warm and engaging, knowledgeable and funny, and I just loved our initial conversations regarding birth and families. Throughout my pregnancy Deanna was an advocate for me, my family, and my birth plan. She was able to advise me when necessary because she took the time to understand what my needs and priorities were. I made a (what could have been stressful without Deanna) decision to change providers late in my pregnancy to ensure I had the labor and birth I desired and Deanna stood right beside me through that transition, without her it could not have happened! I loved having access to her wealth of baby/labor/breastfeeding electronic resources, she sent a lot of great information my way.

During labor and birth, Deanna was a strong, supportive presence that I appreciated and needed very much. She assisted (and was ALWAYS very responsive) me in finding resources when my babe and I had nursing and lip tie issues and checked in with us often. Deanna indeed made us feel cared for! I also utilized her placenta encapsulation services and I cannot say enough about how quickly she got me my "happy pills!", I was shocked! This was my first time having my placenta encapsulated and I will say that I did truly notice a difference in my energy, mood, and milk production. Deanna even made a sweet little placenta print for us in the process!

I really can't recommend Deanna enough. She is thoughtful, professional, and truly someone whom I felt safe inviting into my most sacred space. Book a consult with her today, I'm sure you'll feel the same!" VT

"Deanna was my student midwife with my first home birth. Her presence was calming and caring throughout my post labor, a time that was difficult for me. Plus, with her guidance, breastfeeding was easier using her tricks. I highly recommend her as a doula and even a midwife!" DG

"I'm so thankful for Deanna's support during pregnancy and labor! She was a calm presence and her knowledge of birth and labor positions were incredibly helpful! " WF

"You were this most perfect, welcoming, calming presence for these first time birth parents. I think you were as surprised as we were at the atypical early arrival and quick pace, yet your experience, knowledge & intuition kept us on track, peaceful & feeling as positive as possible. You steered us to stay measured and thoughtful. 
Your non-verbal cues and support encouraged us to continue advocating for our birth plan. Your presence allowed Jeff to confidently focus on Sam knowing your full attention was on me: invaluable! Post birth, you were kind, helpful and quick to refer us to other professionals was needed. You went above and beyond for all three of us. We are forever grateful to have you as a member of our team!" KH

"Deanna Norris is the best thing that ever could have happened to me during my pregnancy and birth. I recommend her all the time!! I highly suggest you have a consultation with this amazing woman and see everything she can bring to the table for all your pregnancy, child birth and post partum needs!!" LW

"Deanna was amazingly supportive throughout our journey through child birth and postpartum stress. I would recommend her to anyone. I am grateful for everything she has done for us, including just being there for emotional support postpartum. I love her!!" BS

"I am so thankful to have had Deanna there for the birth of my baby girl. It was a long hard labor and her insight, knowledge, and support helped me make it through. She is excellent at what she does, caring, detailed and supportive. I would recommend Deanna to any mom or couple looking for a doula." LB

"I was fortunate to have the privilege of getting to know Deanna even though technically I didn't hire her! My primary care for my last pregnancy and birth was through one of her preceptors, so I feel like we got an awesome bonus by having Deanna along on our journey. She has such a kind and caring soul and a gentle touch. I thoroughly enjoyed having her at pre/postnatal appointments, and she was so helpful and supportive during the birth. She worked hard behind the scenes and also just brought with her this beautiful, peaceful presence that I appreciated so much. I would love to hire her "for real" if the need arises in the future!" JP

"Besides being a calm presence at my birth, I had Deanna do my belly henna and absolutely loved it! She freehanded the art and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. My henna lasted for my birth and several week postpartum. It was perfect. I also refer clients to Deanna for placenta encapsulation and she has a very fast turn around time. She is fast and efficient with her placenta arts." MJ

"I will forever be thankful for Deanna's support during my 4th and final pregnancy. I believe I was able to achieve the natural, intervention free birth I always wanted because of her professional support and overall, her friendship. I only wish I had her with me during all my pregnancies. Thank you SO much Deanna! It really meant the entire world to me." LR

"Deanna Norris is an amazing person to have with you during your special time. She has years of experience and wisdom with the birthing process and will guide you through a comforting and natural birth. She helped me tremendously during my journey at OU hospital. She will support you in whatever way you need and will go the extra mile giving her time and love to you. She did much more than I had hoped and made it possible for me to have the natural birth I hoped for." KM

"Deanna is absolutely wonderful! I hired her for the birth of my second born (a planned VBAC) as I was scared and uneducated and seeking knowledge and support. What a blessing she was for my birth and continues to be for my family! She helped me with things I didn’t know about and/or had never considered. She helped me to prepare for the birth of my son by assisting me in writing my birth plan and on numerous occasions taught me yoga positions and educated me on essential oils. During labor, her knowledge about birthing positions and the use of essential oils put my stalled progression back on track and ultimately saved me from a repeat c-section! I couldn’t have asked for a better doula/friend/coach. I will absolutely be hiring her again!" SC