Simple Blessings


Simple Blessings


consists of basic doula services which can include a minimum of 2-3 prenatal meetings in which we get to know each other, answer questions and discuss your ideal birth experience, discussion of labor management, relaxation and coping techniques.

Enjoy unlimited support via phone, text and e-mail, customized information and handouts, use of my ever-growing lending library, 24/7 on-call support from signing of contract through birth.

You'll receive continuous support throughout labor and delivery and for 2-3 hours immediately post-partum or until you are feeling settled, assistance with skin to skin and breastfeeding immediately postpartum, 1-2 post-partum visits to assist in breastfeeding, lactation support for 6 weeks post-partum, to answer any basic newborn parenting questions and to review your birth experience. Referrals and advocacy before, during and after birth.

I am willing to capture some images with your camera, if desired. I am not a professional photographer, therefor cannot guarantee the outcome of these photos. 

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*2-3 prenatal meetings

*advocacy before, during and after birth 

*unlimited support via phone, text and e-mail 

*birth plan assistance

*discussion of labor management

*evidence based information 

*relaxation and coping techniques

*private client portal with in-depth learning tools and information

*use of my ever-growing lending library

*24/7 on-call from the signing of contract through birth

*continuous support throughout labor and birth

*support for 2-3 hours immediately post-partum 

*assistance with skin to skin and breastfeeding  

*1-2 post-partum visits 

*lactation support for 6 weeks postpartum 

*newborn parenting questions

*review your birth experience

*attempt to take photos if birth allows 

*local resources for additional support

*referrals upon request